Christian Democrat Union


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The Christian Democratic Union of Latvia (KDS) was established on March 9, 1991. It is a right-centrist party. In different years members of the party were elected to the Saeima - Parliament of Latvia, as well as to the local municipalities of Latvia, taking a part in the restoration of the statehood of the country.

In the present convocation of the Parliament of Latvia, 8 deputies were  elected from the combined list of LRA, also several deputies were elected  in the local Municipalities.

Ideology - Christian democracy and conservatism.

At the center of the policy of the Christian Democratic Union is a person and his well-being! Economics should serve a person and multiply his well-being.

Freedom, Justice and Solidarity are the basis of our policy.

Our aim is a society of opportunities in which all people live freely, safely and without fear for the future.